Hello and thanks for stopping by. I have been working with SQL server for over 10 years now and I absolutely love what I do. My main role is a production dba, so this blog will mainly focus on that aspect. I hope to update and add new content that I hope other dba’s will find useful. It is mainly a dumping ground for my ideas, SQL problems and solutions so I may keep a record and use for reference. Why sqlnights? Well basically because most of my spare time in the evenings and into the wee small hours seems to be concerned with SQL server – either by choice or not as the case may be !!

Hopefully you may find something you can use in your own environment that may help you in some small way.

If you like any of the articles please let me know what you think.

Enjoy !

Latest posts:

The importance of data types and Implicit Conversions:

Why Data Types Matter

SQL2019 – Memory Optimized Tempdb –  Say Bye-bye to PageLatch waits!:


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